Posted by: bibmomma | June 25, 2012

After a Long Absence – I’m back for now

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything on my blog.  I know, you’ve missed me…..terribly, I’m sure!!  Ha Ha!  At least you know I haven’t lost my sense of humor in my long, protracted absence.

Yes, I still suffer from Parkinson’s Disease – nothing has changed on THAT front.  However, I have had an interesting confirmation of my diagnosis due to a new test (at least in Texas) called a DAT Scan.  This was performed on me two weeks ago.  I had an injection of nuclear medicine and then had a scan on my brain.  Yes, I DO still have one of those too.  But more importantly, this scan shows if the dopamine receptors in the brain are working.  Mine are not.

For a short time my neurologist thought that I didn’t have PD, but had Dystonic Tremors instead.  The DAT scan shows us conclusively that my dopamine receptors are dead… I do have PD.  I thought so all along, but he wanted to make sure and I submitted to radio active material being shot into my body, just so he could be sure.  Folly in my mind, but I still wanted to give him some comfort in his diagnosis (even though the guru in Houston insisted that I don’t have PD – the biggest fool on the planet in my estimation)!

My tremors on the right side of my body worsen.  My balance is still tenuous and I have trouble swallowing.  The only thing that has saved me from painful constipation is my daily 20 oz. dose of green veggie smoothie (sludge as I fondly call it).  This has been a God-send and truly is helping me.

The green sludge consists of 4 strawberries, half of an apple, some pineapple or blueberries along with a red bell pepper, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, spinach and snow peas dumped into a high speed blender with  1/4 cup of H2O.  I blend the hell out of this and drink it for breakfast.  It keeps me from being hungry before lunchtime and actually tastes sweet due to the red bell pepper and spinach with the fruit.  My family doctor swears it will help to keep my blood sugar down too so I can get off of the Glucophage. We’ll see in August if that is true….she tells me I’ll lose some weight too, and that is truly happening.

All in all I’ve been doing the same all of these last 12 months.  Things are getting a bit worse on the Parkinson’s front but I’m still working in library-land and traveling for my job too much.

Let me hear from you and I’ll try to update the Parkinson’s sites on the right side of the page soon.  Perhaps I won’t wait another year before I post again.

Be well….Bibmomma


  1. Hi Bibmomma! Welcome back! A ton of information has poured in since you’ve been offline. I have two people with Parkinson’s, Tinker and Laree, that have experienced their tremors stop! Their neurologist got them on a little yellow pill that is all-natural that increased their glutathione levels by 300 percent. when you get a few minutes, go see what ABC News Primetime investigator said about it all:
    Get back to me asap!

  2. Actually, I did miss you. Yours was the first YOPD blog that I found. I was hoping all was well in Bibmommaland.

  3. Glad to have you back.

    Bob (aka http://www.PositivelyParkinsons,com)

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