Posted by: bibmomma | July 12, 2013

Informative Article in Huffington Post

I’m always excited to see informative articles about Parkinson’s Disease in major news publications.  Today the Huffington Post Healthy Living has a Blog posting by Judy Santamaria, “When a Loved One is Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease”.

This blog posting is especially on point because it emphasizes how Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive disease.  It encourages family members to remember that “this is not an emergency”.  The encouragement in this article asks family members to remember that with a progressive disease they will see changes in movement, changes in balance, emotional issues and independence.  With a progressive disease such as Parkinson’s Disease the family has time to develop a plan to address the disease.  This common sense approach is very encouraging for folks who have been traumatized with the news that a loved one has PD.

This blog article also points out the changing situation with patients’ medications.  Just because a Parkinson’s patient takes a medication for their symptoms, their responses to the medication may change over time.  This presents a challenge and a constantly changing target for the patient and caregivers to work with their physicians to monitor and adapt the medications.

Another feature of this article that is usually overlooked is the need for caregivers to have support.  Many times the focus is on the Parkinson’s patient and we forget about the needs of the caregivers.  The exhausting pace of visiting doctors, therapists, managing medications, managing social situations, dietary restrictions and staying current with information about the disease can drain even the most energetic caregiver.  They need to care for themselves so that the patient receives the energy they need.

And finally, there is a list of resources at the end of this blog article.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes and read this blog – and then let Judy Santamaria know how much you appreciate her taking the time to bring Parkinson’s Disease to the public’s attention.


  1. Thank you so much, I’m glad to have fou nd your blog.

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